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Get Sculpted with a Pair of Dumbbells

You may have tons of excuses for skipping workouts; no time on going to the gym, no extra bucks for a gym membership, or no extra home space for an exercise equipment. But getting into a healthier lifestyle, losing weight, and having your body toned can be attainable with just dumbbell exercises. Dumbbells are much cheaper than a monthly fee in the gym and only takes a little space in your home thus making you have no excuses to skip your workout anymore! Here are some dumbbell exercises to get a sculpted body you have been dreaming for that you can do anytime and at the comfort of your home.

Abdominal Crunches

Lie down on your back on the floor, with your knees bent. Hold a dumbbell with both of your hands. Your starting point would be straightening your arms and point them to the ceiling. Slowly raise your upper back and shoulders getting closer to your knees and get back to your starting position. This exercise will target your abdominal muscles.

Bent-over Rows

Stand up on your feet with shoulder width apart, slightly bend the knees, then bend your torso to the front at a 45-degree angle to the floor. As your starting position, hold the dumbbells hanging to the sides of your body then pull the dumbbells up to your shoulders. You must feel your shoulder blades doing the pulls then hold that position for 2 seconds before bringing it down to your starting position. This exercise will target your back muscles, shoulder, and arm muscles.

Bicep Curls

Hold the dumbbells, palms facing forward and placed next to your body. Lift the dumbbells up about a 3/4 of your shoulders and hold that position for about 2 seconds before bringing it down to the starting position. You can do this exercise on each arm alone, alternately, or both arms together. Biceps are the targeted muscles of this exercise.


Dumbbell Side Bend

Stand with shoulder width apart, hold a dumbbell in one hand, palm facing your hips, and keep your arm straight. Hold your waist with your free hand. Slowly bend to the side keeping your back straight with the hand holding the dumbbell as low as you can and bring to your starting position. Move the dumbbell to your other hand and do the same exercise. You can feel your oblique stretching in this exercise.

Lateral Raise

Stand up on your feet, shoulder width apart, have your back straight, and knees slightly bent. Place the dumbbells in front of your body with your palms facing each other. Lift both arms to the sides and away from each until they both reach the height of your shoulders then slowly get them back to their starting position. Your shoulders, particularly your deltoids, will be targeted in this exercise.


Lying Fly’s

Lie down on your back and bend your knees. Hold each dumbbell in your hands facing each other with your arms stretched out over your head. Slowly bring your arms to the sides, drawing an arc, and your elbows slightly bending. You must feel your chest muscles doing this workout as they are targeted on this exercise.


Lying Press

Still lying on your back on the floor and knees bent, hold the dumbbells with your palms facing forward next to your shoulders. This will be your starting position. Push the dumbbells upward and bring them together at the top then slowly bring them down to your starting position. Avoid raising your whole body up as you are only targeting your triceps and chest.


Lying Triceps Extension

Lie down on the floor on with your back flat against it and your knees bent. Palms facing each other, hold the dumbbells in your hands. Keep your arms at a 90-degree angle to your body. Flex your elbows and without moving your shoulder joint, lower the dumbbells backward to your ears. Return slowly to your starting position. The muscles worked on this exercise are your triceps, lats, and your forearms.


Overhead Press

Stand up on your feet with a shoulder-width apart, hold the dumbbells, palms facing forward, and place above your shoulders. Raise the dumbbells upward avoiding them to hit with each other then slowly bring to your starting position. Do not rest the dumbbells on your shoulders to avoid accidents and to make the exercise effective. This exercise strengthens your core and upper body.

Dumbbell Squat

Stand up with feet shoulder-width apart, hold the dumbbells with palms facing forward straight on the shoulders to the sides of your body. Slowly bend your knees and imagine yourself sitting on a chair. Remember to plant your feet on the floor and your knees in line with your feet for your balance. Look straight and lean your torso forward. Then brick back to your starting position without straightening too much and locking your knees. The dumbbells act as an additional weight great for working out your legs and your upper body as well.


Stiff Leg Deadlift

While standing with feet shoulder-width apart, slightly bend your knees, hold the dumbbells with palms facing on your body in front of you. Flex your hip, slowly bend forward, keep your back straight, and look straight. Avoid moving your knees and keep them stationary. Go back to your starting position after feeling your hamstrings fully stretched. This move will greatly build your lower back and leg strength.


You can do these exercises 12 repetitions for 3 sets. If you find it hard to finish a set, you can lower it to 8 repetitions. Remember that quality is better than quantity when working out. Do not work out for the sake of finishing the repetitions and sets. It is best and proven effective that when you do the exercises correctly and holding your position for 2 seconds before going back to your starting position.

With dumbbell exercises, you will not have a problem with losing weight and getting your body toned. You don’t need to have to buy those expensive workout machines and spend money for a gym membership. All you need to have is a pair of dumbbells to have the body of a Greek god or goddess.

High-Protein Breakfast for Body Fat Loss

This article has been created based on the research of Heather Leidy, PhD. and ‘Protein-Packed Breakfast Prevents Body Fat Gain in Overweight Teens’ article of University of Missouri Health System.

Eating Breakfast Boosts Energy For The Whole Day

Living in the fast-paced world, people nowadays especially teenagers have the habit of skipping their breakfasts. As we all know, eating breakfast boosts energy that we need throughout the day. But it is also important as it decreases the chance of people being obese. For teenagers, adding breakfast into their daily plan will be beneficial as it will become their habit in the future. But a few studies show that to keep one’s weight management and health, a type of breakfast must be eaten.

The High-Protein Breakfast Experiment

Researchers from the University of Missouri conducted an experiment wherein they measured the benefits of eating normal-protein breakfast which consisted of milk and cereal containing 13 grams of protein, and high-protein breakfast which included eggs, Greek yogurt, lean meats, and milk has 35 grams of protein. A Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the MU School of Medicine assistant professor, Heather Leidy, PhD, led this study with her colleagues. They wanted to examine if the type of breakfast has an effect on improving health and maintaining the weight of people.

Leidy’s team had two groups of teenagers who were reportedly skipping breakfasts and fed them with either normal-protein meals or high-protein meals. There was also a third group of teenagers who continued skipping breakfast for 3 months during the said experiment. Before starting the study, the teenagers who were participating were all weighed in and their body compositions were recorded to be compared to their weights after the said experiment.

The researchers also gave each one of them a device that evaluated their glucose level throughout the day. Participants were also asked to account the times they felt hunger and recorded their daily food and liquid intake. The result of the study was outstanding as the groups who consumed normal-protein meals and continued skipping breakfast gained extra body fat. For the group who ate high-protein breakfast? They lost body fat mass and had a decrease in their daily food intake by 400 calories. The group who consumed high-protein meals for breakfast felt much fuller throughout the day thus making them less eat for the rest of the day. Not only that but their glucose levels were more stable than the other groups.

The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

What is the importance of maintaining a stable glucose level to one’s health? If one’s glucose level fluctuates outstandingly, it may increase the chance of young people of having Type 2 Diabetes. Having Type 2 Diabetes causes young people to intensely gain more weight and can cause health complications as they grow older.

The Conclusion

The result of the experiment shows that skipping breakfast has negative effects on the body thus eating breakfast is recommended. But starting your day with a high-protein meal not only jump-start your metabolism but also benefit your body in the long run by lowering your risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and obesity. To learn more about Leidy’s research, you can read it in the “Journal of Obesity”.

Muscle Gain Diet – The Diet You Should Follow

One thing that is not usually portrayed on television and movies is how gaining muscles is not only based on exercise. There is a need for people to focus on their muscle gain diet so that the proper food can improve their muscle growth tremendously.

You have finally decided that you are going to start building muscles. It looks easy when it is portrayed on television. You will see thin or scrawny men who would go to the gym for the first time and after a few minutes, they would look good. This is also the same for overweight guys who are shown in movies and television shows. They would start out looking pudgy and they are made out to be unattractive than they actually are. After a few sessions at the gym, they would have the type of body that only men can wish for.

Even if you have started exercising recently, you have to ask yourself, when was the last time that you paid attention to your diet? When was the last time that you actually ate what you are required to eat? A lot of people try their best to exercise and to follow what their trainers are telling them only to forget about the effort that they exerted the moment that they get home and see all of the amazing food that they can eat.


Eating to Gain Muscle

You need to know the right muscle gain diet so that you will start building your muscles soon. Take note that you should be building muscle and not fat. You can eat all the ice cream in the world to become bigger but the growth will not be because of your muscles. Rather, it would be because of fat.

You have to know the different food products that can promote lean muscle growth and later on, you will learn how to create meal plans that you can actually prepare at home. Right now, let us focus on the food that will provide effective muscle gain diet first.



One thing you should know, not all beef are created equal. There are some that are good because the beef comes from grass-fed cows. Some may not have enough of the nutrients that you need. Always check the different sources of beef and make a choice depending on what is the healthiest option available.

Beef is important because it can help provide muscles some needed nutrients like the following:

  • Protein
  • Cholesterol
  • Zinc
  • B Vitamins
  • Iron


When you choose beef from grass-fed cows, this contains CLA also known as conjugated linoleic acid. This can be effective in reducing the fat content of the body overall.


Brown Rice

There are some people who dislike brown rice. They do not like its taste and they do not like its texture but if you truly want to start building serious muscle, this is one of the foods to include in your muscle gain diet. This whole-grain digests slowly so you would feel fuller for a longer period of time.

You also need this when you are exercising because you want food that can help you feel fueled while you are working out. Can you honestly workout when you do not have energy? A cup of brown rice is already sufficient to provide your needs.



You are aware that eggs are meant to provide the right amount of protein that the body needs. Some people eat eggs without the yolk but do you know that the yolk of eggs have good cholesterol? If you truly want to start building muscles, you need to eat the egg yolks too.

Eggs are very versatile and you can cook them in different ways. Most people prefer eating fried eggs but to lessen the possible bad fat and just focus on the nutrients you deserve, you can eat hard-boiled eggs or poach them. Some would bake and roast them too. The decision will be up to you. The right spices can make some differences with the taste.



If you have stopped eating rice, any rice for a long time, quinoa can be a great option for you so that you can get the right amount of carboyhdrates that your body needs to feel energized. This is not only a slow-digesting carb, this also contains enough protein to fuel muscle growth. This can increase the IGF-1 in the body so that you can build stronger muscles.

This is one of those food products that you should not forget to consume because of its ability to provide you with lean muscle gains you can benefit from.


Organic Cottage Cheese

Take note that when choosing cottage cheese, you cannot just choose a random cottage cheese you can find in the grocery. Look for organic ones that will give the best nutrients possible to help you in building your dream muscles at the soonest possible time.

Cottage cheese is actually a good source of protein because it is full of casein protein which is slow digesting. This means that this protein that will be used up to build your muscles will not be used to provide the energy that your body needs. You can keep your muscles and make them stronger while you sleep at night. It is best that you add this to a meal that you are going to take in the evening.


Skinless Chicken

Are you enjoying the information that you are learning about muscle gain diet so far? You have to brace yourself because there are more information and details that you are going to learn about how you can build your muscles well.

Chicken is known to be one of the sources of high quality protein so you know for sure that it would be effective in building your muscles and will also help maintain the muscles that you have formed so far. Aside from building muscles chicken is also a good source of other nutrients that will help your bones become stronger. You can also help maintain your weight when you eat the right chicken parts.


Of course, chicken will not be as healthy if you would keep the skin on because this is full of bad cholesterol. It will not be effective too if you would fry it. Get to know the different ways that you can prepare chicken so you will know how to enjoy it without worrying about the extra calories.


Whey Protein

Whether you are new to the gym world or you have been working out for years, you already know that whey protein is one of the most important things that you should consume for lean muscle growth. This is one of the most popular supplements you can take and there is a good reason for this.

Whey protein is known to provide the protein that you need without spending a lot of money in the process. There are proper times when you can take this type of protein. You are recommended to drink them before you workout but there are also some who take it upon waking up.



Do you knot that oatmeal is a good source of carbohydrates? It has low GI (Gylcemic Index) and this is not processed too much too so you will not have any problems with adding this to your diet for sure. If you have always loved eating oatmeal then you will not have issues including this in your diet as one of the foods to add to your muscle gain diet but if you think that oatmeal is just a bit too bland, do not worry, there are so many oatmeal recipes available that you will have fun trying out each one.

When you eat oatmeal, you can expect the following:

  • You are going to have more fiber in your diet.
  • You will not feel too hungry which means you are going to eat less than usual.
  • Will lose weight.


This is not only effective in helping you build more muscle, this can be effective in helping you lose weight so that you will have enough space to start building your muscles soon.



You know what they say, you should consume apples every day so that you can stay healthy and fit but do you realize that apples can be effective for your muscles too? This is known to improve the strength of your muscles so that you will not suffer from muscle fatigue.

When you feel that your muscles can take more than usual, you can do more reps and you can workout more effectively. There are also some studies that show how polyphenols that are found in apples can be effective in weght loss. If you would like to lose weight and build muscles at the same time, adding apples to your muscle gain diet is a done deal.


Healthy Fats

The moment that people say the word “fat,” it is already enough to make a lot of people become filled with dread. There are a lot of people who do not like to be called fat whether they are men or women. This makes people stay away from all types of fat, even healthy fat.

Even if you have always thought that all types of fat are evil, now is the time for you to stop with this way of thinking. Good fat can be very helpful for you. In fact, it can help improve the rate of some hormones that will make your muscles grow stronger and faster. Some good sources of healthy fats are the following food:

  • Avocadoes
  • Salmon and Other Fatty Fish
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Flaxseed


Other Details about Building Muscle

You have already learned the different details on how you can start building muscle. It is essential that you learn more about how you can incorporate these different food products to to let you formulate a muscle gain diet that will be effective for you.


How Much Protein Should You Take?

It will be easy to just choose all of the food products that contain protein and add them to your diet but if you consume too much, it will also be bad for you. You need to consume more protein than usual if you are just starting out or if you used to build muscles but stopped. If you are already starting to build muscles regularly, you can also lessen the amount of protein that you can consume.

You need to take about .73 grams of protein for every pound of your body weight. Bodybuilders usually take a gram for each pound but if you only want regular muscles for the typical folk, .73 will be enough.

It is also ideal that you speak to a nutritionist about this if you want to be sure about the amount of protein you should take.


How Often Should You Eat?


This is still one of the issues that people have regarding the amount of food that they should take. There are some who eat their usual 3x-a day meals but there are some people who would like to maximize their muscle growth would eat more than usual.

Take note that it does not mean that just because you are eating too much protein from what is recommended, it already means that you are going to start building more muscles. It depends on when you are going to supply your body with the proper protein that it needs.


There was a time when people would load up on carbohydrates for breakfast, consume a moderate amount of protein for lunch then eat high amounts of protein for dinner. This may be effective for some people but studies show that it is best if you would consume protein evenly throughout the meals that you take.


For example, if you need to consume 100 grams of protein a day and you are going to eat 5 times that day, you can take 20 grams of protein for each meal. This is better compared to just eating a lot of protein at night.


There are some people who eat more than 6 times a day but some experts are saying that this is a bit excessive. If you want the meals to work, you can take 3 – 5 but not more than that.


It will help when you know when your muscle growth is going to occur. This means that you are going to elevate your muscle growth effectively. When you are working out, your muscle rate will be higher than usual especially about 16 – 24 hours after you workout.


Building Your Muscles Effectively


Do you honestly think that you have all of the details that you want to know about building muscles? You already know the details regarding the type of food you are going to eat plus the number of times you are going to eat.

There are still some more tips that will help you build the muscles that you want and achieve the body you have always wanted.


Try to maximize building your muscles

How will you gain muscles if you would not make any effort to make changes with your present diet? There is a good reason why you have learned more about muscle gain diet, this is meant to help you make changes immediately. If you would not make these changes then nothing will happen.

You need to be more familiar with protein synthesis – this is the process when your body starts to store protein for future use. The more protein that it would be able to store, the more that your muscles will grow.

Remember that your body normally makes use of protein in order to build hormones. If you still have enough for your muscle growth, that is the only time when you can improve the size of your muscles.


You should eat meat.


You have already learned the right food that you should take in order to build muscle but if you truly want the muscle gain to be fast, you should eat meat. This is not a problem if you are a meat-eater all your life but if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you need to work harder to get more protein.


Plant-protein and meat-protein are different from each other. Plant protein still needs to be transformed by the body to make it the type of protein that people can use while protein that comes from meat can be used immediately.


If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you can consult with a nutritionist immediately so that you will know just how much of plant protein you need to take for it to be equal to the type of protein you can get from a meat source.


If you are a regular meat eater, a sample of the sources of protein you can eat in a day are the following:


  • You can eat 8-ounce chicken (the breast part will be sufficient)
  • A cup of cottage cheese
  • A few thin slices of lean beef
  • 2 eggs
  • A glass of milk
  • 2 ounces of peanuts


Of course, you cannot just get all of your calories from your proteins. So, you should also get some proteins from good fat and carbohydrates.

You need to start eating more.


You may be pretty happy with your weight so far but if you want to build muscle, you need to eat more than usual. So, you are going to need more calories so that you can burn. If you want to start gaining weight, you need to wait about 2 weeks before you start seeing some effect. If you have made an effort to consume more calories but you still have not gained any muscle weight, you can increase the calories that you are taking by about 500. if nothing is happening, go to your nutritionist or ask your trainer about it. You may be doing something that is not proper for your body to not undergo any type of change.


You can start building some of your big muscle groups first before focusing on small ones.


When you are just starting out, expect that the changes are going to be immediate because you are going through some things that your body has never experienced before. You are going to see a little bit of muscle growth little by little but if it has been a while since you started, you can focus on your biggest muscle groups first. You can focus on your chest, your back and your legs.


Do you know what exercises will promote the most muscle growth? If you answer no, then these are just a few of the exercises you should think of including in your usual routine:


  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bent-over rows
  • Pull-ups
  • Dips


These are just a few of the exercises that you should do. There are still more that you should familiarize yourself with to be sure.


Feed your body enough carbohydrates after you workout.

There are some people who try to avoid carbs as much as possible but if you would like to build muscles, you need enough carbs especially after your workout so that your muscles will be able to rebuild properly. The muscle gain diet you formulate should allow you to eat the right carbs that will increase your insulin level that will slow down the breakdown of proteins. This means that proteins will be stored longer inside your body which can improve muscle growth.


Some people know that the proper exercise will allow them to build the body that they have always wanted but some do not know that even their food will have an effect on the rate that their muscles will grow and develop. Even a simple cup of ice cream after you workout can already improve your muscles.


It will help increase the amount of insulin that you have in your body to slow down the digestion of protein. Of course, you can only eat ice cream on days after you work out and if you consume too much, you will have too much sugar that may turn into unwanted fat.

Strengthening Your Groin Muscles

Your legs are thoroughly abused whenever you do exercises or when you have to walk going to various places. The legs are composed of your lower legs, your thighs and your groin area. Since you are going to use these parts a lot, you need to strengthen them so they will be able to endure the exercises that you have to do.


Your groin muscle should always be strong because the stronger it is, the more that it will be able to endure hard workout sessions. You also need to strengthen this portion more if you are an athlete because you would be using the smaller muscles there in order to become more flexible in doing the various movements required for your sport. One known advantage of strengthening your groin muscle is you will be able to improve your balance.


If you have finally decided that you are going to make your groin muscle stronger, do you know the proper exercises that you have to do? Aside from the exercises, you may need to know the proper muscle gain diet to follow so that you will improve your overall muscle strength. The stronger your muscles are, the better you would be at doing other physical activities. Your strength can also determine how healthy you are.


Are Bodybuilders Strong?


There are a lot of people who see big muscles and assume that the person is strong but bodybuilders are not exactly as strong as people would think. Bodybuilders are different from powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters. Take note that these are people who have trained to become strong. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, build muscles for aesthetic purposes. It does not follow that just because the muscles are big, they are already strong.


Bodybuilders also do different methods that are meant to make their muscles stronger. Some bodybuilders are known to be completely natural but there are also some who have admitted that they use steroids. Steroids will not make muscles strong but they can develop muscles effectively to make them look well-developed and beautiful.


Exercises to Strengthen Your Groin Muscle


You already know that you want to effectively improve your groin muscle at the soonest possible time. What are the exercises you can do to make that possible?


One thing to remember: before you start doing the exercises that will be mentioned below, it is best that you consult with your doctor if you are in the best health to do these exercises properly. Some of the exercises may aggravate certain conditions. You need the go signal of your doctor before you can proceed.


For people who are 60 years old and above, you need to do these exercises to strengthen your groin muscle under the supervision of a professional.


These are the best exercises to try:


Side Lying Groin Stretch


  • You need to lie down on your left side or right side. It would depend on which side you are more comfortable in.
  • Support your head with the same side hand depending on which side you have chosen.
  • Keep both of your legs straight.
  • Raise the opposite side leg high up in the air.
  • Support your knee with your opposite hand.
  • Hold on the position until you feel the stretch.
  • Repeat on the other side.


Side Leg Raise


  • You can go near the counter or a chair or anything sturdy that you can hold on to while you do the exercises.
  • If you have found a chair, stand next to the chair.
  • Make sure that you will place your left leg firmly on the ground.
  • Raise your right leg as comfortably as you can.
  • You will start to feel your groin muscles stretch out a bit.
  • Swing the right leg over your left leg.
  • You should repeat this up to 10 times.
  • Do the procedure with your other leg.


Gravity Exercise for the Groin


  • Lie down on your right side.
  • Make sure that you will place a chair near your feet.
  • Raise your left leg and place it on the seat of the chair while you allow your right leg to relax on the floor.
  • Slowly raise your right leg against gravity.
  • Hold for up to 10 seconds before going back to starting position.
  • Do the same exercise with your left leg.


Hip Extension


  • You can prepare a yoga mat or an exercise mat that will help protect your knees and elbows as you perform certain exercises.
  • Kneel down on the floor.
  • Make sure that your palms are situated flat on the floor.
  • One of your legs should be lifted up in the air for as high as you comfortably can.
  • Bring back to its normal position and repeat 5 times.
  • Do the same with the other leg.


Band Groin Exercise


If you have a resistance band, this is one of the best exercises that you should try.


  • You can stand with your feet placed together first.
  • Place the resistance band around your ankle.
  • If you are a beginner, you need to hold on to a sturdy object while you do the exercise. If you feel that you have a great fitness ability, you can already proceed with the exercise without having to hold on to anything.
  • Keep your left leg on the floor.
  • Start raising your right leg towards the side.
  • You can stretch as much as you can.
  • Try to hold the position for a few seconds before going back to starting position.
  • Do the same with the other leg.
  • This exercise should be done several times.


It is not only the groin muscle that will be strengthened with this exercise, the knees can be strengthened as well.


Adductor Squeeze Exercise


The adductor is any muscle that is drawn towards the axis.


  • Lie down on your back. It is ideal if you are going to do this on the floor.
  • Place your hands on the sides of your body.
  • Make sure that your knees are pointing upwards.
  • Place a soft ball in between your knees.
  • Squeeze the ball with your knees. This will be effective in improving and strengthening your adductor muscles.
  • This should be done about 8 – 10 times.




This is one of those exercises that a lot of people are familiar with but not everyone is aware that this can be used to strengthen the groin muscle. This can help improve the lower part of the body effectively.


  • Stand straight.
  • Make sure that your hands are placed on each side of your body.
  • Place your right foot in front.
  • Slowly bend your knee.
  • Make sure that your back will remain straight.
  • Keep bending until the knee is 90 degrees.
  • You will start to feel your groin muscle stretch out.
  • Go back to your normal position.
  • Do the same with the other leg.


Take note that this exercise may seem complicated to do in the beginning. You can improve the number of the exercises more as you become better at it.




  • Stand and place your hands on your hips.
  • Place your feet wide apart so that you will have the area to do the squats.
  • Slowly bend your knees, make sure that you will be bending your hips down.
  • Hold for a few seconds before going back to starting position.
  • Do this several times.


In order to increase the intensity of doing squats, you may hold some weights on your hands. You can use dumbbells or kettleballs.


Groin Stretch


  • Sit on the mat and bend your knees.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Lower your knees until your knees touch the floor.
  • Bend your back.
  • Use your elbow to put pressure on the knees.
  • Get rid of the pressure and do this several times.


Lateral Jump


  • You can do this when you have different obstacles inside your house. Make sure that you will not do this when you do not have poor balance.
  • When you have bad balance you may become injured.
  • Hop over the cones and the other obstacles that you have.
  • You may do this several times as this can help strengthen your groin muscles.


Now that you have learned some of the best exercises that can help strengthen your groin muscle, you can incorporate these exercises into your normal exercises. It will help improve your balance a lot and will make you stronger in doing other forms of exercises.


Groin Strain

There are moments when you just want to improve your groin muscle so that it will become stronger and will allow you to be more flexible when you do different types of sports. When you stress the muscles of your groins too much, they may start to feel stretched or torn.


If you do a lot of running and jumping with the type of sport that you play, expect that you are going to pull your groin muscles from time to time.


How will you know if you have strained your groin? These are some of the symptoms that you can look for:


  • Tenderness and Pain in the groin area.
  • Pain when you try to put your legs close together
  • Pain when you try to raise your knee
  • You are going to hear or feel a sort of snapping sound then it will be followed by pain.


There are some groin strains that are mild enough that they can be cured after some time but there are also some that are more severe and would need to be given treatment by medical professionals. For mild groin strains, these will heal on their own. You just have to wait and rest so that the healing will occur faster.


Some Possible Treatments

If you are only suffering from a mild groin strain, you can just do some things in order to improve your condition. These are some of the things that you can do in order to speed up the healing process:


  • Place ice on the area that you have strained. This will help reduce the pain that you are feeling and will also bring down the inflammation of the strain. So, you can do this for about 20 – 30 minutes every day.
  • You can place an elastic bandage on the affected area.
  • You can take painkillers depending on the type of medication that will be recommended to you by your doctor. Just remember that you are not recommended to take painkillers for a long period of time as you may become addicted to it. The constant intake of painkillers may also have some negative effects on the body after some time.
  • There are also some exercises that you can do that will help re-strengthen your groin muscle


A lot of these treatments will be enough to make your groin muscle heal faster but if in case these treatments do not work, you can seek the help of your doctor for more treatments that will improve your condition.


How to Strengthen Your Muscles


You have already learned how to improve your groin muscle. You should not stop there. It is now time for you to improve the rest of your body’s muscles. Are you equipped with the right knowledge to do that? Take note that you should follow a lean muscle diet plan so that you can eat your way into building your muscles. Your exercises will be helpful but the food that you eat will make a big difference with your muscle’s growth rate.


These are some of the food products that you should start consuming now:


Green, Leafy Vegetables


What type of vegetables do you love to eat? If you have always loved carrots but never ate spinach and all the other leafy vegetables then you are missing out. These vegetables are essential in strengthening your muscles. This can provide the vitamins and minerals that you are searching for to help your muscles recover faster from fatigue.


It also helps that these vegetables can supply the energy that people need in order to exercise more and generally do more. Who says that you will not be able to go to the gym anymore after work? Supplying your body with enough energy due to the green, leafy vegetables will help.




Do you try to avoid eating eggs as much as possible? Some people only eat the egg whites then they throw the yolk or they allow other people to eat the yolks for them. The whole egg is a good source of protein and even the egg yolk can be sufficient for your different needs. The egg yolk contains good fat that can help lower the cholesterol levels of your body. At the same time, the nutrients found in the egg yolk can help improve your muscle growth.


There are different ways that you can prepare eggs. A lot of people prefer frying eggs but if you want to make the eggs even healthier, you can hard boil the eggs or poach them. Hard boiled eggs can be placed in salads. It can be enough to give you a well-rounded meal.


Lean Meat


Take note that you should not just eat any type of meat. There are various meat sources available but not all of them can provide the amount of protein that your body needs. You want lean meat that can provide essential amino acids.


Protein is needed by the body for various things. The most common thing that protein is used for is to make new hormones. For men, proteins are used to make testosterone. If a man consumes the right amount of proteins in a day, he will have enough to get the regular amount of testosterone that can promote muscle growth. At the same time, there will still be enough proteins that can be used for the muscles.


When you eat lean meat, you will allow your body to recover faster from the various exercises you do. Some of the food products you should include in your lean muscle diet plan are the following:


  • Skinless Chicken Breast
  • White Turkey
  • Lean Beef


If you get other types or cuts of meat, may get more unwanted fat out of them. Fat is not particularly bad but you have to look for good fat so that you can reap its benefits.




A lot of people think of oatmeal as a breakfast food or something that you can eat when you are already hungry and you need to prepare something fast but the oatmeal has changed recently because of the many benefits that it can provide.


Oatmeal is a healthy type of carb and it has the right amount of fiber that can help stabilize your blood sugar. Another great thing about this is that it can make you lose your cravings for different food. You can consume enough oatmeal a day after working out so you can get the right amount of carbohydrates.


There are different oatmeal recipes that you can try. One common favorite is the Oatmeal with peanut butter and banana, Preparing this quite easy. You need to look for a container preferably glass with a cover. You can place the oats first, then the cup of milk and make sure to mix properly. And, you can then add the peanut butter layer. Place the banana slices on top. In the morning, you can eat these overnight oats.


You can be creative with the flavors that you will choose to eat just make sure that you will pick edible flavors so you will have no trouble with eating.


Sunflower Seeds


Do you want to know how to make your muscles stronger? You can take nuts but the best nuts to take are sunflower seeds because they can increase the antioxidants in the body as well as the antioxidant capacity.


When you exercise, you build up a lot of free radicals inside your body. These free radicals can cause diseases and can cause an imbalance that will make the immune system weaker. You do not want this to happen so make sure that you consume enough sunflower seeds. Some eat this as a snack while others place sunflower seeds on desserts and some of their meals.


Tips on Developing Stronger Muscles


You have learned a lot of details already. You have learned how to make your groin muscle stronger and you have learned about some of the food products you should add to your diet so that you can build stronger and better muscles. There are still a few tips to keep in mind so that you will not only have big muscles, you will also have strong ones.


Make sure

That you will choose the right food products to consume. It is not enough that you know for example that salmon can provide you with Omega-3 fatty acids. Not all salmon are the same. Some may have more nutrients than others based on how they grew. There are also some fish that are more exposed to dirt and pollution.

Learn how

To adjust the portions of your food. Even if you eat skinless chicken breast for weeks, it may not be enough to sustain the amount of protein that you need or you may be consuming too much. You need to know how much you can consume in a day and make some changes accordingly.

Do not

Waste your eggs. This was already mentioned earlier. The egg yolks can also provide you with some nutrients that you will not get from the egg whites alone. Remember that the cholesterol that the yolks have will not have any effect on the cholesterol level of your blood.

The low-carb

Diet will hinder you from building strong muscles so if your main goal is to form big and strong muscles, you need to find a better diet plan that will fit your needs.

You can

Eat jell-o for dessert. If you want to find a healthy dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth, stick to gelatin they are fun to make and they taste amazing too. You can also boost your tendons this way.


With these right tips to follow, you will not only grow a stronger groin muscle, you can have stronger muscles all over your body. It is true that the food you eat will help you grow muscles accordingly.

Foods to Gain Muscle – The Right Food to Eat

Are you ready to build some serious muscle? You are not alone. There are a lot of people who are searching for foods to gain muscle because they want to achieve the big, strong muscles that bodybuilders and other attractive men have. Are you surprised that you are required to learn what food you are going to eat to build muscle?


That is right, no matter how many exercises that you do, these exercises will not be enough to help you have those strong muscles you have always wished to get. You need to eat your way to building your own muscles.


Eating Fats


If you feel that you are overweight and you want to lose a bit of weight, your initial reaction is to stop eating fat. Aside from foods to gain muscle, you should consume foods that are high in good fat. What is the explanation for this? If you do not eat enough fat, your body will store fat. When you eat good fat, the fat will be used to help your body build the type of muscles you have always wanted to get.


Why People Do Not Eat the Right Food


You know that you are supposed to gain information about the right exercises that you should do to know how to gain muscle effectively and naturally but a lot of times, you are more focused into learning the best weight lifting exercises instead of the right foods to gain muscle. It seems that most people are still not aware that they are what they eat. If you consume nothing but junk food, it is going to show through the flabby portions of your body.

These are some of the reasons why people do not make an effort to eat the right food:


They feel

that it makes them less manly. There are some men who think that to become “real” men, they should have the ability to eat what they want, whenever they want. This means that they feel more macho whenever they can eat that 12-pound burger or when they can eat a whole pizza box by themselves. If their friends would learn that they are trying to eat healthy, their friends would make fun of them so they do not push through with it.

They do

not have the time to plan their meals. A lot of people are just so busy with the things that they are doing. They are busy with their jobs and the rest of the things that they have to do. The last time that they can think about is the food that they should eat. It may not seem important now but it can make a lot of difference with people’s energy levels. Healthier food means more energy to do work.

They are

too tired to think about eating the right food. A lot of people are usually burned out with the tasks that they have to do. Instead of researching about the right food products, they would rather rest.


If you can relate to the reasons mentioned above, think about this: Are you ready to change your way of thinking? Are you ready to find ways on how to gain muscle effectively and naturally? You are building muscles not only because you want to look good. You should start building muscles because you want to become healthy.


When you gain enough muscle, it will be harder to gain fat. This is a known fact. It will also be easier for you to maintain the type of body you’ve always wanted.


What Happens When You Do Not Eat The Right Food?


The effect of not being healthy will not be evident in the beginning. People who have no plans of building muscles may say that there is no need to eat the right food because they are not on a diet. You do not have to be on a diet to start eating healthy.

These are the repercussions of not eating healthy food:


You gain weight

This is the most obvious sign of unhealthy eating. Weight gain due to fat and weight gain due to muscles are very different from each other. Your body will look different for sure. Most of the unhealthy fat that you will gain will be evident on your abdominal area. Belly fat is very hard to remove and you have to work extra hard just to get rid of the belly fat immediately. Foods to gain muscle will help for sure.

You can become seriously sick

When you do not supply your body with the right food and nutrients, you are bound to make your immune system weaker. Your immune system is in charge of protecting you from various bacteria, viruses, fungi and so much more that can cause serious conditions. Prevent this from happening by making sure that you eat healthier food.

You will start to look old

Aside from people’s bodies, there are so many people who are also vain about their appearance. Consuming the right food will make people look younger and fresher. Make the extra effort to consume food that will not only help you build muscles, these food products should enhance your overall appearance too. For example, there are fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C. These foods will be effective in improving the condition of your skin.

You will feel sluggish and will become less productive

Not giving your body enough nutrients will take a toll on you in the long run. Your brain and the rest of your body would need quality food in order to run smoothly. Just compare your brain to a car. If you feed it with the wrong type of fuel, it will sputter and it will not work. This can happen to you when you eat the wrong food. You will eventually have issues with functioning and you will not be as productive as before.

You will feel moody

Do you ever wonder why there are days when you just feel like the world is on your side? Chances are, you have eaten something that your body needed at that time. Remember that the food that you eat also does something to the parts of your brain that regulate your mood. Proper nutrition will help you feel better for sure. You will also lessen your stress levels when you eat healthy food.


One of the good effects of eating healthy food is you have a bigger chance of living longer. If you want to experience more things in this world, you have to start eating healthy. In the process, you are going to become more familiar with foods to gain muscle.


A Few Tips to Eat Healthy


It does not mean that just because you already know the food that you need to eat to become healthy, you can immediately transition from your current eating habits to the new ones. You will need to make a bit more effort than that. You need to make small changes a little at a time. To help you out, here are a few tips to remember:


Do not skip meals

This is especially true when you are trying to build muscles. You cannot skip meals because you need to supply your body with enough protein so that you can build and retain muscles effectively.

Plan how you are

Going to banish your cravings. You will have cravings and they will be harder to fight if you always succumb to your cravings. You should learn how to control them. For example, instead of eating a chocolate bar after dinner, you can eat fruits instead. The healthier your eating habits are, the less cravings you are going to get.

Increase your

Activities little by little. It will be hard to eat healthy in the beginning and it will also be hard to start finalizing your exercise routine so you can build lean muscle but do not worry, you will be able to do that after some time. You just need to make small changes with your lifestyle.

Do not beat yourself up

When you succumb to your cravings from time to time. You are only human. There are days when you do not want to eat healthy and it is okay. If you always stop yourself from eating what you want, it will stop you from being motivated to eat better and to live a healthier life.

Always stay hydrated

There are moments when you would assume that you are hungry but actually, you are just thirsty. You can drink water throughout the day. This will not only help you stay full for a longer period of time, it will also stop you from eating too much especially when you want to eat in order to gain muscle.


Now that you know some of the tips that will help you become healthy, are you already curious to know what foods you need to eat so that you can start building your muscles now?


Foods to Gain Muscles

It is not only protein that you need in order to start building muscles. There are still a lot more that you need to consume to help your body get the right amount of nutrients it needs to build and sustain muscles.


A lot of people struggle to eat the food products that will be mentioned below but if you can integrated these foods to gain muscle little by little into your system, it would feel more natural in the long run.



There was a time when people thought that eating eggs will be bad for the heart. People proceeded to eating just the egg whites in order to avoid the cholesterol of the egg yolk. You may have this belief too but if you truly want to improve your condition and if you want to build muscles, you need to eat whole eggs.

Eggs are rich in protein as well as all of the other nutrients and vitamins that your body needs in order to become strong. The good fat from the egg yolks will help your muscles recover faster. If you want to improve your bad cholesterol levels, you should not skip the egg yolk. You can avoid other sources of bad fat instead.



This is known to be one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids that you need if you want to build muscles. For every 100 grams of salmon, you can get about 20 grams of protein provided that the salmon you are eating is made of the best quality.

Take note that it is best to choose wild salmon instead of farm-raised salmon. Farm-raised salmon are fed with unnatural food sources that will not make them develop the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids that they are expected to provide.



There are some people who choose yogurt as their go-to snack whenever they would like to steer clear from chocolate bars, donuts and other unhealthy sweets. Yogurts contain probiotics that are known to improve your digestive health. They get rid of bad bacteria that may be hindering your body from fully digesting the toxins.

There are different types of yogurt in the market. In fact, it can be confusing if you do not know what yogurt to buy. Choose plain and low-fat yogurt. There are some yogurts that are flavored or may contain frozen fruit at the bottom. Stick with plain yogurt then add your own fruits to eat to make it taste better.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You may be surprised to see that this is part of the list especially when you are searching for foods to gain muscle. This is considered to be a type of good fat. This means that it is the fat that your body needs in order to improve your overall body function and actually slow down the rate of protein synthesis. The more protein you have in your body, the better your muscles will grow.

Extra virgin olive oil contain monounsaturated fats. This good fat is known to lower your cholesterol levels. At the same time, it can also help protect you from various cardiovascular diseases. Some reports say that this is also effective in preventing the onset of cancer or it may slow down the growth of cancer cells.


There are different types of olive oil that you can find in the market. You may become confused with what to buy in the beginning but extra virgin olive oil may be the best variety if you want to improve overall muscle growth. You can research about the different brands that are available and you can choose the one that will fit your needs best. Extra virgin oil tastes better than other types of olive oil so it will be easier to add this ingredient to your food.


Red Meat

There are some people who avoid eating beef because of their own personal reasons but this is definitely one of the foods to gain muscle that you should not overlook. The best variety to look for is grass-fed meat


Red meat is known to provide the following:


  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
  • Creatine
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Of course, the best nutrient that red meat can provide that is good for the muscles is protein.



If you are searching for the right alkaline food, this may be the best one for you to include in your meal plan. This is high in nutrients as well. Regularly consuming spinach will not only help your body gain muscles in a faster amount of time, it will also make your body stronger overall. This can help prevent the loss of bone density but the best thing about consuming spinach is it will help retain your muscles.

Some people avoid eating spinach because they think that it is boring but whether you are going to add it to soup or you are going to use it as a side dish to your meal, you can make it more interesting and enjoyable to eat.



If you are searching for the leanest source of meat available, you do not need to look any further – you can consume turkey. Who says that you only have to eat it during Thanksgiving? You can have it whenever you please as long as you have the budget for it. This is one of the foods to gain muscle that you can eat.


To get the leanest portions possible, search for white turkey. Expect that it is going to be a bit dry but this can be good when added to some of your meals. It has about 0 grams of saturated fat so you know that this will fit your lean muscle diet plan. This is one of the foods to gain muscle that you can start eating soon. Eat it with spinach and a bit of quinoa. It will be delicious and fulfilling.



There are a lot of people who love eating tomatoes so much that they love eating it raw. If you are one of these people, you can rejoice because this is one of the food products you can take if you want to gain muscles. This is known to be high in lycopene which is one of the nutrients that are known to be effective in preventing cancer.

If you would like to improve your strength before exercising, you are recommended to take tomato paste as this contains more lycopene than fresh tomatoes. You can add tomato paste to olive oil too and dip wheat bread into it. It will taste amazing and it will improve your muscle growth too.



It is already a known fact that apples are good for the body but even with this knowledge, people are still confused whether they should truly eat apples every day or not. The answer is, yes. You should eat apples every day especially if you want to build bigger and stronger muscles.

Apples contain pectin which can help promote weight loss. It also contains a lot of antioxidants which will help get rid of toxins that may be preventing the body from digesting food and nutrients properly. When the body gets the right amount of nutrients, it can recover faster from the weight-lifting you are going to do to improve muscle growth.


Just remember that apples are usually contaminated with pesticides so you cannot just choose random apples to eat. Look for organic apples as they can provide the best nutrients without the long-term effects of pesticides.


Green Tea

A lot of people will probably be surprised that green tea is included in this list of foods to gain muscle when in fact, this is more known to help in promoting weight loss. Green tea contains antioxidants which can help get rid of unnecessary toxins that may be in the body.

What makes green tea effective in promoting muscle gain is its ability to improve blood circulation. It can also improve the blood sugar levels which means that protein will be digested slower. After all of the protein you have consumed, you may have enough protein in your system to start building stronger and bigger muscles.


If you want to get the full effect of green tea, you are recommended to drink this early in the morning. It is best that you drink this instead of coffee because it also has a bit of caffeine that can help you become energized. The best version to try is authentic green tea and not the processed ones that you can find in tea bags.


How to Eat Healthy Food


You have already learned the various foods to gain muscle. You already know that some of these food products are great in improving your overall body health. It is ideal that you eat equal amounts of protein for all of your meals depending on the amount that you are required to take every day. With each meal, make sure that you have enough fruits and vegetables. You can also add good fat to some of the meals. You can eat carbs after you workout and of course, do not forget to hydrate. About 2 cups of water are needed after each meal and a shot of water in between meals.

5×5 Workout

When it says 5×5, many powerlifters are sure to recall something. It is a proven program for building muscle and strength. Among the bodybuilders, it was trendy in the past and Ed Coan, one of the best powerlifters of history, contributed to its promotion. The 5×5 program has many variations. Here we will explain the fundamental principle of training, and we will introduce one of the possible models that will show you how to build your muscle naturally.

The principle of training

The 5×5 workout is a training session where we practice the competition exercises (squats, bench-press and deadlift) in five series of five reps. You can also perform additional exercises with a 5×5 system, but nothing happens if we do so in a few more repetitive sequence, e.g. 3x 8-10.

The secret of the success of this training is that five repetitions are the imaginary boundary between the straightforward strength training (2 to 3 repetitions) and volume training (8 to 12 repetitions). By five repetitions with the corresponding load, we stimulate both types of muscle fibers and achieve a specific compromise between muscle building and strength. This training does not fit in just before the competition, but it is definitely appropriate to build the fundamental strength. This is 100% right approach for beginners that want to gain their muscles naturally.

Training split and proper weight selection

Because it is training with a relatively high load, it is enough to train squats and deadlift once a week. We will train Bench-press twice: once hard and easy once. I would recommend running this program on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and resting on other days.

On the first day we will train squats with other, the second day heavy bench-press, third day deadlift and fourth day light bench-press with other.

The alpha and omega of success in this training is the choice of a reasonable load. The training is based on the principle of periodization, so we need to have enough reserve to add weight. I do not know if you can determine the exact percentage. The big difference will be between the beginner who is squatting with 60 kg and he does not know what the bandages are, and the experienced jerk who squats with more than 300 kilograms and his tools allows him to add another 70 kg.

Generally speaking, for the first training, we choose the load we can do with about 10 reps. It may seem lightweight to you, but you will add every additional training. It’s about keeping you as long as possible. The load is added depending on the exercise and performance, but it is always necessary to add at least 1 kg. Either we add it systematically, or every three weeks, we include a lighter week (i.e., about 75% of the weight you practiced in the third week). By this we make a little bit of relief from the high-sensitivity workout and prepare our muscles for further increase of the intensity.

5×5 Training schedule

1 dayseries x repsDay 2series x reps
squats5 x 5bench-press5 x 5
leg extension3 x 10incline dumbbell bench press3 x 8
leg curl3 x 10push-ups3 x 8
calf3 x 20dumbbell side rise3 x 10
abs3 x 20
Day 3series x repsDay 4series x reps
deadlift5 x 5decline EZ bar triceps extension3 x 8
pull-ups3 x 8cable pushdown3 x 10
cable row3 x 10barbell curl3 x 8
abs3 x 20dumbbell curl3 x 10
standing dumbbell triceps extension3 x 8
dumbbell side rise3 x 8
lightweight bench-press5 x 5



Before performing the series, you need to limber up correctly and take care of the correct technique for all repetitions. Breaks between series will be selected for competitive exercises so that you can perform another series (for example, 3 minutes). For other exercises that will not be performed with such high intensity, shorten the breaks to 1 – 1.5 minutes.

The training is done without any specialized equipment, only with a squat and a deadlift use a belt. This workout can be kept for about 8 to 10 weeks. If you were able to add 2,5 kg each week to the bench, you will be able to raise 25 kg more in the series than in the first training session, which could mean an increase in the maximum capacity by about 10 kg. After the end of the cycle, place a week off, and then you can try another workout training.

How to Build Muscle Soon Enough

Building muscles take time – this is something that you ought to know at this point. You have thought about making your body bigger by growing your muscles for quite some time but you have not put as much thought into it yet because you assumed that the road to building muscles is easy. It is not, unfortunately. So how to build muscle soon enough?

Your muscles cannot just grow overnight. You need to make them grow frequently so that you can see your desired results and admittedly, it is not going to be easy. You are going to go through some heartaches and setbacks especially when you do not immediately get what you want.

A lot of people assume that going to the gym frequently is enough to make them gain muscle at the soonest possible time. It is what you do at the gym that will determine if you would be able to build muscles or not. People assume that doing longer workout routines will help build muscles more. This is not true.  So what are the things you should know about to become familiar with methods on how to build muscle effectively?

When you want to know how to build muscle, you simply cannot stay at the gym and drink your coffee while speaking to your newfound friends. You have to exercise and know the proper training that will ultimately help you in reaching your goals.

Some Goals to Help You Gain Muscle

Once you have determined that you truly want to gain more muscle starting now, there are some goals that you can add to your list so you can be properly guided to the right path. Here are some of the goals that will help you gain knowledge on how to build muscle effectively:

Make sure that you have long–term goals.

What are your long-term goals? Do you plan on having the best muscles that you can show-off when you are at the beach? Perhaps you would like to have muscles that will make the ladies stop and stare. Your long-term goal will allow you to formulate short-term goals that will serve as your milestones before you reach your ultimate goal.

Know your short-term goals.

Your short-term goals are important. These goals will serve as your motivation especially when the exercises that you are doing seem so monotonous and boring that you do not know how to hype yourself to work out more. Short term goals can be a bit disheartening especially when you do not reach your goals at a certain period of time but when you think about it, it can prepare you for your main goal. For example, you want to become stronger. You cannot reach this goal without building your strength step by step. Once again, building muscles will take time.

Know your plan.

You can have a plan in mind that you have thought about while you were in the shower or while you were relaxing. When you formulate a plan, write it down on paper immediately. This way, you can look back and check what you have written when you get the chance. You can make some tweaking with your plan to make it perfect for your goals. To know how to gain muscles, formulate a plan that is composed of routines for the specific muscle groups. You also have to incorporate lifting and cardio with your routine.

Always stay positive.

What is the number one reason why people fail? It is because they do not believe in themselves. If you do not believe that you can do something, the rest of the world will just agree with you. You will lose your chance before you try to take it. There will be times when you are not in the mood to exercise but drag yourself going to the gym or to your very own home gym. Even a little bit of work is better than no work at all.

If you feel that you are already losing motivation, you can search for things that can motivate you online. You can also ask your support group to offer more motivation so that you can push through with your plan.

Never give up.

This is the ultimate goal that you should have. There will be moments when you will be on the verge of giving up. You just want to stop whatever you are doing and just allow yourself to do something else but this will not help you at all. Giving up can make you go hard on yourself. You will remember this for long time because you have turned away from something that you could have done better.

It will always take time to see results. You cannot have muscles after one workout session at the gym. Some people even take years before they are able to reach their muscle goals. At least, they did not give up. They continued their journey even if it was difficult. Your journey to gaining muscles will be difficult too. Brace yourself but enjoy the ride.

Do you like the goals to follow to know how to build muscle effective soon? There are still a lot more that you can create based on you’re the things that you want to achieve.

Building Your Muscle

You already know the goals and the mindset that you should have when you start building your muscles. Do you think you are already aware of the various things you can do to know how to build muscle effectively?

You have seen different fictional characters and real people have the type of body that you want to have. You cannot help but wonder how long it took for them to achieve your dream body. So, you should know now that it took time.  So many supplements and of course, steroids, offer that you will get your dream body in months together with the right diet and exercise but the muscles that you will get are a bit different. They would not look like the muscles that you want to get.

How to Get to Your Dream Body

A lot of people are required to do a lot before they can get the body that they have always wanted. If you want to get your dream body, you may have to do one or more of these things:

  • Lose/Gain Weight
  • Start Eating Healthy
  • Increase Muscle Growth Effectively
  • Pay Attention to Health in General

When was the last time that you paid any attention to your health? You may be part of the corporate world and you are too busy to think about your health. You spend long hours doing different tasks. Your lack of sleep, rest and exercise may cause turmoil to your body. For some people, it will be enough to give them sickness that will make it hard for them to recover.

Do not let this happen to you. The first thing to accomplish once you decide that you want to build muscles is you have to achieve your body weight goal. For example, you are a man and you want to be 160 lbs. for your height. This is possible as long as you would make the effort to achieve that weight before you start building your muscles.

The Optimal Conditions to Gain Muscle

Let us say that you only have a limited amount of time to improve your overall physique, how can you get the body that you like to have. This is easy, you need to know the optimal conditions that will allow you to build muscle effectively. Here are some of these conditions:

  • You are only going to eat the right type and amount of food – it will be easy to search online about the food that you should eat but the moment that you are there, you will eat more than what is required of you. Only eat the required portions to ensure ultimate muscle growth. You need to condition your body to build effective muscles.
  • You are training perfectly to get your required muscle growth – This means that you already have the proper training that will allow you to build muscle effectively. An effective training is not only composed of lifting weights and strength training, you have to do cardio too.
  • Get proper sleep – When was the last time that you slept on time? Most people do not get enough sleep because of the lifestyle that they lead. This can ultimately lead to unnecessary weight gain due to excess fat in the body. If you eat healthy, there will not be a lot of fat to store and if you get enough sleep, the calories that you consume throughout the day will be burned effectively.

You have the ability to gain muscle but do not expect that it is going to be like how people describe it in magazines wherein they wake up every day with bigger muscles. This is not going to happen unless you want to use steroids.

Building Muscles with Steroids – Is it Safe?

Do you think it will be a good idea to know how to build muscle with the use of steroids? This is something you should know so that you can weigh in your options.

Most people think that the moment they start taking steroids they are going to become muscular. This is not the case.  Even if you use steroids but you do not make any effort on how to build muscle, expect that you are going to fail at it.

Some people overuse steroids thinking that they are doing the proper methods on how to build muscle and this has led to these uncomfortable symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Liver and Kidney Damage
  • Urinating Blood
  • Ulcer
  • Heart Attack
  • Aggressive Personality

People who have abused steroids have experienced one or more of these symptoms. People will not abuse steroids unless they are misinformed. They may take different types of steroids one after another without realizing that different steroids are meant for different purposes.

One of the major problems that people face when using steroids is addiction. People who see immediate results become addicted to it and they want to  take more even when they are not supposed to. Some even take steroids all-year round when people should take them in cycles.

What Are Steroids?

You have to understand what steroids are before you consider taking them. Steroids are man-made and they are created with different substances. There are some steroids that are meant to increase the overall testosterone level of the body so that the body can start building  muscles faster.

Anabolic Steroids are steroids that are meant to improve the muscle and make them bigger. They come in two forms: pill form and injectable. The pill form can be taken before a workout and it will take effect after a few minutes. Injectables will work faster.

It is quite surprising that steroids were created first in order to get rid of inflammation. It was created to help cure asthma until people realized that they can be used for other things too. Right now, a lot of aspiring bodybuilders and even those who are already popular use different types of steroids regardless of whether it is good for their bodies or not.

Take note that some side effects of steroids will stop the moment that the person has stopped using it. Doctors recommend that people stop the use of bodybuilding steroids when they start experiencing even minor side effects. Some of the side effects are permanent and will never go away. Different previous steroid users have died from heart failure or multiple organ failure months or even years after taking their last steroid. The damage has already been done to their bodies and they cannot change it anymore.

Different people have already died because of the abuse of steroids. Is it still worth it?

How Effective are Steroids?

Provided that you will use steroids with hard work and exercise, it is meant to work well. According to some studies, people who actually take steroids gain about 10 pounds of muscle or more in a period of six weeks. This is much faster than the rate of steroids that people can gain by working out naturally. Most people gain about 1-2 lbs of muscles every month with exercise and proper diet.

With these figures alone, it is not surprising why people are into taking steroids. People live in a world wherein everything instant is highly lauded. Things that take time are looked down on as being low-tech and unpopular.

Some Benefits of Steroids

Steroids cannot just be disregarded when you want to know how to build muscle especially if you are determined to build muscle soon. These are some of the benefits you can expect to get:

  • Steroids can help improve your muscle growth. This was already mentioned earlier. Expect that you are going to grow impressive muscles in a short period of time with the right steroids.
  • You can become stronger with steroids. If you are having trouble with doing some of the reps effectively, steroid use can make them easier. You will gain strength that you never knew you had.
  • It can lower your body fat percentage. The lower your body fat is, the more that your muscles will be emphasized. The “dry” look is popular among people who would like to build impressive muscles.

In conclusion about these details that you have learned about steroids, it is evident that they are good in helping you build the type of muscles you want within a limited time frame but if you are patient and you like to know how to build muscle naturally, stay away from steroids. You do not need steroids to build muscle but if you want to build muscles fast, be responsible about your steroid use.

How to Build Muscle Naturally

Let us say that you have decided to go completely natural. You want to know how to build muscle naturally. Your reasons may vary but this is the safest way. There are various factors that can determine how well your muscle will grow:

  • Your current height
  • Your weight
  • Genetics

Being taller is an advantage when you are trying to build muscles because your muscle growth will also be bigger. There is only so much that the body can take. If you try to build too much muscle for your body, your skin might burst. It has happened many times before with different bodybuilders so learn from their experience and know how much your body can take before you do more.

Your weight will also play a huge factor because it will determine how much the body will be able to burn. If you are too skinny, building muscles will be harder and this is the same with having too much body fat. The stored body fat can make it harder for muscles to penetrate and become visible. This is the reason why you are recommended to get to your desired weight first before you start building muscles.

Do you wonder why there are some bodybuilders who are recognized more than others? It is not only because of their incredible physique but because of their genes. Some people are meant to carry muscles on their body better than others. You have to accept this fact because no matter how hard you workout, this will always have an effect on how great your body will look like.

If you want to know how to build muscle naturally, these are some tips:

Keep a food journal

It is not a surprise that healthy eating will have an effect on how fast you can build muscles. If you have done research prior to creating your meal plan, it will be easier to stick to what you have planned. The food journal will help you track if certain foods help you build muscle faster or if there are some that allow you to build your overall body strength effectively.

Get enough sleep

When was the last time that you slept on time? If you have not slept on time for quite a long time, it will be harder for you to build muscles as you are depriving your body of resting. Your body needs rest especially after grueling hours of exercise so that it can build bigger and stronger muscles. Without proper rest there wouldn’t be big and strong muscles. Simple, right?

Choose the muscle groups

Choose the muscle groups you are going to work on and work them out 2 – 3 times a week – If you are a beginner, you can start by building one muscle group once a week but if you have been working out for a few months already, elevate to working out each muscle group more.  How to build muscle? It will depend on the muscle group you are working out

Do not forget your legs

One of the biggest mistakes of people is working out various parts of their bodies. They work out their core muscle groups, their arms and their shoulders but they usually forget about their legs. Leg days are the hardest training days and there will be moments when you can barely get out of bed after a leg workout but if you want to look well-rounded, do not skip leg day.

Set goals

The goals can first start with your target weight then your target muscle growth then your target strength. The stronger you are, the more that you can do when you are trying to build muscles. You cannot expect that you will be going to the gym with enough strength to put people who have been training for a long time to shame. And, you need to build your strength slowly but surely.

You can take supplements instead of steroids if you want to know how to build muscle effectively. Some supplements can be taken before you start your exercise while others have to be taken during or after. There are so many supplements available. Do enough research so you can make the perfect choice. You do not want to end up with a supplement that does nothing for your body.

With all of these tips and details that you have learned, do you think you are knowledgeable enough to know how to build muscle well?

How to Gain Muscle Effectively and Naturally

Are you a skinny guy who is trying to build muscles because you feel that it would improve your overall look? Perhaps you are a guy who has just lost a lot of weight and you would like to start building muscles now in order to improve your body further. You may be an average guy who has decided that you would like to improve your body. No matter what type of guy you are, it does not matter. You want to know how to gain muscle effectively and you want to start soon.

A lot of men become inspired to gain muscle after they have seen some celebrities become ripped. Some of them have started like a lot of men but because of their perseverance (and perhaps, money), they were able to get the bodies that they have always wanted. The average guy needs to make more effort to reach his dream body but you can do it. How to gain muscle? You will know as you continue to read.

Losing Weight

You would like to become informed about how to gain muscle immediately and you can do it if you want to but ideally, you need to lose weight first if you are not skinny, to begin with. First you need to reach your ideal body weight before you can start improving your muscle growth and overall physique. You cannot just stop eating to lose weight. You have to do this gradually. Trim your body fat by constantly hydrating yourself. Make sure that you consume enough water and only eat food products that are good for you.

Trimming down the fat from your body does not mean that you are going to give up eating good fat. On the contrary, you can still consume good fat as this can lower your total body cholesterol. What you can do is to eliminate extra carbs and sugar from your diet. That donut may seem harmless right now but the extra carbs that it can give you would require a long exercise routine that you have no time for.

Take note that if you are a skinny guy, you also cannot bulk up immediately. You need to know how to gain a bit of weight before you start building muscles all over your body. It is evident that building muscle may take time. If you would be patient, all of your hard work will pay off.

How Fast Can You Gain Muscle Naturally?

If you want to do the natural route to gain muscles, this means that you will not take steroids and any other medications that will increase your muscle rate, expect that you are going to gain about 1 – 2 lbs. of muscle every month. Most people will only gain about 1 lb. of muscle every month and this is okay. Of course, you can gain more if you would choose to bulk up rather quickly. This means that you are going to eat a lot of unhealthy food in the process just to become bigger.

To build muscles that you want to keep naturally, it is best that you choose to eat enough to help you build muscle. You may also know your body type more. You can speak to a nutritionist about it so that you will be given the right meal plans to eat.

If you feel that you can become one of those guys that you see in magazines in as little as 3 months, you know for sure that you need something else to make this possible. Perhaps, the natural way of building muscle is not the best option for you. If you want to know how to gain muscle naturally and effectively, you can continue reading.

Doing Strength Training

One of the things that you are going to do in order to start building muscle is to do strength training. Expect that you are going to gain a few pounds in the process but do not assume that these pounds are muscles. When you do strength training and take supplements at the same time, your body is going to retain more water.

You can pack on muscles through strength training but do not expect that you are going to be invincible say, after a month of doing your strength training and other routines. It may take a year before you truly notice how much your muscles have changed as compared to before. The year may be hard but the more that you become into it and the happier you are with the results, the more inspired you will be to continue with the rest of your training.

Bulking Up Those Muscles Soon

You want to know how to gain muscle and bulk up. Do not worry, here are some other tips that will help you out:

1) Improve and learn how to maximize building your muscles

If you have more protein in your body, it is only natural that you have more components that your body can form. You can get protein from the food that you eat but your body uses it for a lot of other purposes. For example, protein is used to make your hormones. Without proper hormones, you will not be able to build muscles. At the same time, you will feel tired and moody all the time. The key here is to eat enough protein depending on the type of muscle training that you are doing.


You need to eat protein faster than your body can use up all of the stored protein in your body for the rest of your body functions. This is one way that you will know how to gain muscle.


2) You need to start eating meat

If you are a regular meat eater, this will not be a problem. You get a lot of protein from meat products. The amount of meat you will eat will highly depend on your overall weight. You can always ask some help from your nutritionist to know how much meat you should consume every day. You can also gain more valuable information about how many times you should eat meat throughout the day. Some of the factors that will be considered are the following:

  1. Your overall weight.
  2. The number of minutes you spend in lifting weights.
  3. The number of calories you consume every day

3) Work on the bigger muscle groups first.

If you are just beginning to increase your muscles, any amount of workout that you do will be enough to lead to protein synthesis. If you have been lifting for quite some time, the lightest workout can already make a difference with your various muscle groups. Some muscle groups are bigger than others and they are more evident when they are firm. The biggest muscle groups to work on are the following:

  1. Back
  2. Chest
  3. Legs
  4. There are different exercises that you can include in your workout to effectively improve these large muscle groups. Your knowledge on how to gain muscle will be sufficient for exercising.

4) Take the right supplement that will help improve the muscle growth of your muscle groups well.

A lot of supplements contain essential amino acids. Amino acids are effective in getting rid of the toxins that may cause further issues in the body. Take note that supplements are not made the same way. There are some that are better than others. Check the reviews of the supplements first before you make the right choice.

There are some supplements that are best taken before your work out, during your work out and after your work out. Get to know these details first before making the right choice. There are some people who choose to create their own shakes. This is okay too as long as you have done enough research about the ingredients you are going to place, it will not be a problem.

5) Do not lift weights every day.

This is one of the most common mistakes committed by men who are trying to build muscle for the first time. Even women who have just started lifting make this mistake too. Remember that instead of exercising a little every day, you can take a full exercise routine today, then a full body rest the next day. This will give your muscles enough time to recuperate. A challenging workout will increase the protein synthesis of your body which can lead to muscle growth. Remember that your muscles will not grow while you are lifting weights because you are actually tearing them that way. They will grow back bigger and stronger while you are recuperating so make sure to take a rest every other day.

6) Feed your body with enough carbohydrates after you have worked out.

Studies now show that people can actually build muscles faster if they would supply their bodies with enough carbs after working out. The meal that you will eat after you work out should slow down the protein breakdown of your body so that the protein will last longer and you have a chance to build bigger muscles. There are easy sources of carbs that you can take after meals. You can just take a sports drink or you may eat a sandwich with peanut butter. It is your choice.

7) Take food every 3 hours.

People have always been advised that they need to eat 3 times every day in order to have enough energy to last throughout the day. Breakfast is meant to give you the energy to start your day. Lunch will allow you to still peak even if you have already done work and come dinner time, you will be eating enough nutrients to give your body the proper supply it needs to work with while you sleep.

It may seem simple enough but remember that if you are working out, you should take food every 3 hours. This will make sure that you will have enough protein to last throughout the day. This does not mean that you are going to take more than enough calories for every meal that you take. For example, you need to eat 5grams of protein for breakfast. You can take 2.4 grams of protein for your first breakfast early in the morning and another 2.5 grams of protein again for brunch. This is better than taking 5 grams of your first breakfast and 5 grams again for brunch. You might get too much protein in the process and you have to avoid this.

8) Drink Milk.

Do you know that milk can be effective in helping you build more muscles? If you have never known this information before then you are learning about it now. Milk will lessen the protein breakout of your muscles. You can choose to have a bowl of oatmeal with skim milk before you go to sleep in the evening then you can also eat something light in the morning. It will be hard to adjust to this new routine especially if you are already used to doing something else before you sleep at night but if you want to build muscles, you have to be diligent in doing it. Muscles will not suddenly spring from your body. You have to work hard for it.

9) Increase your frequency to build your muscles so that it will grow.

If you would only workout once a week, how will you expect your muscles to grow? There is a very big chance that you will not be able to form the muscles you have always wanted.You can first start with easy exercises. The weights that you lift would have to start at beginner levels but the more frequent that you work out, the heavier the weights are going to be.

As your body gets used to the exercises that you are doing, it will stop reacting and you have to level up, do something more so that it will start improving yet again. You are not recommended to target the same muscle group every day but you can rest a certain muscle group while you target a different one. It will make a lot of difference. Remember that you can only do this if you have been working out for a long time. If you are just a beginner, you still need to take about 3 – 4 full rest days a week. You cannot pressure your body into doing something that it cannot do just yet.

10) Just take it easy.

Men who are naturally skinny may burn more calories as compared to the average man. It can be hard if you are trying your best to work out but the scale shows that you are losing a few pounds. You can focus on working out and exerting the right amount of energy to things that really matter to you.

This is also the same for men who may be on the heavy side or are of average weight. There will be moments when you just want to gain your muscle goal but you have not reached it yet. Instead of getting frustrated about it and abandoning the whole idea, you can simply take it easy. Building muscles will always take time. Do not assume that you are just going to get your desired muscles easily.

The Traits You Need to Stay Focused

You cannot achieve your goals if you would not make any effort to become productive. These are just a few traits that you need to have in order to make it possible for you to reach your muscle goals:

  • You should know what truly matters. There are so many things that will distract you from going to the gym or just working out at home. There will be moments when you would rather drink with your friends but if you know what matters to you, you will find time to exercise and gain those muscles. Always.
  • You have a plan. In order to increase your productivity, you are going to formulate a plan that will allow you to do all of your responsibilities effectively. You would finish a task at a certain time so you can start with another one. You can do jogging in the morning before preparing to go to work and go to the gym after. This will always depend on the schedule you have.
  • You are always able to make decisions easily. If you are focused on your main goal, you will always make fast decisions to save the rest of the day. You already know that things do not always go as planned. For example, you have to do overtime in the office because of a new task that you have to finish immediately. Instead of just giving up on your plan to exercise at the gym, you can make a mini session at home doing the exercises that you are meant to do for the day.
  • You have the ability to solve the problems that may arise. If you notice that your muscles are not growing as much as they are used to, you can research and make changes to your routine or you may immediately seek the help of a professional who can help assess your current situation so that this problem will be resolved at the soonest possible time. You do not like wasting time so you try to solve everything the moment that you can do it.
  • You have the right work out tools at home. Why are you going to rely on the gym so much? The moment that you know your routine, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. Of course, the moment that your muscles get bigger, that is the time when you can start going back to the gym again because you need more hardcore equipment.

If you would have all of the traits mentioned above, you are armed to start training to build those muscles effectively and naturally. How to gain muscles? It will take time but with proper effort and diligence, you will reach your goals soon enough.

Getting Proper Training

How to build muscles is different from undergoing the training in order to build your muscles well. When you train, the first thing that you will learn is this: the growth of your muscles will depend on your height and your bone structure. You may aspire to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger but if you do not have the right genes for it, you will not be able to reach this goal.

Your maximum muscle size will depend on your height. The taller you are, the bigger your muscles are going to be. To know how to gain muscle well, these are some of the programs that you can check:

5 x 5 Workout Program

This is a type of program that will allow you to improve your strength and build muscles at the same time. You can focus on three types of exercises for both your upper and lower body and do these exercises 5 times. After you are done with the routine, you can do some more exercises if you can still do it. This program is recommended for those who have been trying to build muscles for quite some time. For more information, read our 5 x 5 workout program post.

FST – 7 Training Program

This is a type of program that is meant to target your fascia tissue. This is the muscle that connects your surrounding muscles to other parts of your body. This will help your body become stronger so that you can do more strenuous exercises, in the long run, to build your muscles further. Stretching the muscle tissue will provide the right nutrients to the tissue.

Split Training

This can be done for both the upper and lower parts of the body. This is one of the trusted programs that people consider to know how to gain muscle well. You will be required to hit the muscle groups that you are targeting twice every week to achieve optimum muscle growth. This program is best for beginners. If you have managed to reach this point and you are wondering which program you can do to know how to gain muscle, this is the best one to try.

Body-Weight Beast Training

Body-Weight Beast is a collection of total body movements designed to gain muscle, annihilate calories and slash stored fat. The side effect of tons of heavy weight training is a pain. Over time when all you do is train heavy (70-90% of 1RM) your body breaks down and can become systemically sore… The cure is spending time doing Body-Weight ONLY exercises. This Body-Weight Beast program is 4 weeks of full body strengthening mixed with cardiovascular training, resistance conditioning, core development and metabolic bursting. So find here the complete program manual with videos.

Gaining muscles can be hard for some people and it can be easy for others. Your body type can also determine how long your muscles will stay in your body if you quit working out. If you want to know how to gain muscle, you also have to know how to maintain them. Reaching your desired muscle growth does not mean that you are going to have it forever. Have fun with working out and do not rely too much on supplements to make your muscle growth more natural.

5 biggest bench press mistakes

All of us want to look better. This is why we workout, right? But please, make sure you are doing your workout properly, otherwise you will risk an injury. In the video below you can see 5 biggest bench press mistakes people do. So don’t be like others. Do your workout correctly.